Windshield Cracked? 3 Tips To Prevent It From Getting Larger

Have you noticed a crack within your vehicle's windshield? If so, you may be looking to have it fixed sometime soon. Until you take the car in for repair, it will help to take some steps to prevent the small crack from getting larger. 1. Keep The Car Covered While your car primarily lives outside, you'll want to find ways to keep the car covered so it is not exposed to the weather.

Three Signs You Need New Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid works to lubricate and clean your transmission while it works, preventing excessive wear and friction. Over time, as it removes dirt and grime from your transmission, your transmission fluid can become dirty and work less effectively, which can then have an impact on your engine's performance. You should replace the transmission fluid regularly to prevent any issues from manifesting: understanding some of the indicators that you are overdue for a transmission fluid change can help you figure out when to head to a mechanic for transmission repair.

Things You Can Do To Your Car On Your Own

You want to take your car in to have it checked out by a professional mechanic anytime you feel there is an issue with it. This way, the mechanic can pinpoint the exact issue and repair it for you. This is the best way for you to make sure your car stays safe and runs well for as long as possible. However, there are some things that you can do yourself to properly maintain the car between those visits to the mechanic.

Identifying Automotive Leaks By Coloring

Your vehicle is full of a wide range of different liquids that all perform different, but essential, functions within the many systems of your car. Any sort of fluid leak is a serious mechanical concern because it means that one of these systems is going to be unable to operate properly, negatively affecting the performance of your car and making it riskier to take your vehicle on the road. Being able to identify leaks on your driveway by color can make it easier for you to determine where the issue inside your car lies so that you can fix the underlying problem quickly and with less guesswork.

4 Transmission Repair Tasks that Won't Dent Your Budget

For many car owners, the thought of any kind of repairs involving the transmission system is a nightmare. The transmission is an important part of the car and any repairs are hard to postpone. However, this isn't the challenge. Repairing a damaged transmission system can be an expensive undertaking. In some cases, it can cost several thousand dollars. This isn't the type of expense you'd want on your lap on short notice.