Can You Ignore Your Brake Warning Light?

For many drivers, squealing brakes are the first indication that their pads are worn out and in need of replacement. This annoying sound is created by a wear indicator embedded into the brake pads. As the friction material on the pads wears away, it exposes the metal wear indicator. Once exposed, the indicator rubs against your metal brake discs, creating the squealing sound commonly associated with failing brakes. While these simple metal tabs are still present in modern pads, newer vehicles have added a dose of technology to the mix, providing a warning light on your dash as your pads wear down.

Signs Your Transmission Is Causing A Problem With Your Vehicle

The transmission of your car is responsible for controlling the amount of power that goes to each wheel, and which direction the tires travel in. When you put your car into gear, your transmission makes sure that your wheels move at the right speed and direction. Your transmission could be having a problem if your car is struggling to get into gear, if your car delays when it is put into gear, or if you can't seem to get enough speed while driving.

What To Do If Your Auto Body Is Damaged While On A Road Trip

If your car is damaged while you're on a road trip, you might be unsure of what to do. After all, you might have planned ahead for all sorts of issues — such as a flat tire — but you might not have thought about dealing with something like auto body damage. These are some of the things that you should do if your auto body is damaged while you're on a road trip in another state.

Benefits To Offering Car Title Services At Your Own Auto Dealership

As the owner of an auto dealership, you might want to think about the option of adding car title services to the list of things that you already offer to your customers. While adding car title services might seem like a lot to deal with at first, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to see that your business can improve with the added service. If you are not already familiar with how this additional service can help boost your level of success at your auto dealership, you will want to continue reading.

How Many Mechanics Does It Take To Repair A Fleet?

Fleet truck mechanics are not a dime a dozen. They are specialists in their field of auto service and repair, and they are not easy to come by. Ergo, when you own a fleet of trucks, all kinds of trucks, how many mechanics does it take to repair that fleet and keep it going? The following is both the long and short answer.  Depends on the Number of Trucks in Your Fleet