Signs Your Transmission Is Causing A Problem With Your Vehicle

The transmission of your car is responsible for controlling the amount of power that goes to each wheel, and which direction the tires travel in. When you put your car into gear, your transmission makes sure that your wheels move at the right speed and direction. Your transmission could be having a problem if your car is struggling to get into gear, if your car delays when it is put into gear, or if you can't seem to get enough speed while driving. Transmission leaks can lead to your transmission acting up. Pay attention to your warning light and how your car is running. Head to your auto repair shop when your car is not running like normal in order to keep it safe.

Your Car Won't Go Into Gear

Getting your car into the right gear isn't supposed to be obvious when you have an automatic transmission vehicle. If you are driving and your car seems to be straining at a low gear but won't go up to the next gear, this could be an issue with your transmission. Pay attention to gear changes and note if there are issues with going up and down the gears.

Your Transmission Warning Light Turned On

Never ignore warning lights that turn on. If your transmission warning light is lit, take your car to an auto repair shop to figure out why. You could be driving around with low fluid, which could be an easy repair. If you keep driving with the warning light on, you are risking further damage to your transmission by driving it.

Delayed Engagement Keeps Happening

If you put your car in reverse and it takes a second to start moving, this is called delayed engagement. Problems with your transmission cause delayed engagement, and this is a problem that requires a trip to the auto repair shop in order to be inspected. The delayed engagement can be obvious, or it can more subtle and something that can be hard to notice. When your vehicle is showing signs of delayed engagement you will need to get your car transmission repaired.

Fluid leaks can indicate your transmission is losing fluid. If you find a fluid leak that is pink or red, this is probably transmission fluid. Get your vehicle the help it needs when you suspect the transmission is struggling. While it can last up to 200,000 miles, it won't if you don't take care of small problems.