How Many Mechanics Does It Take To Repair A Fleet?

Fleet truck mechanics are not a dime a dozen. They are specialists in their field of auto service and repair, and they are not easy to come by. Ergo, when you own a fleet of trucks, all kinds of trucks, how many mechanics does it take to repair that fleet and keep it going? The following is both the long and short answer. 

Depends on the Number of Trucks in Your Fleet

If you have less than five trucks, one or two fleet mechanics is/are sufficient. If you have ten trucks, you definitely need at least two mechanics, plus a spare in case one of the other mechanics are out sick. Twenty trucks? You will need four or five mechanics. You should essentially double the number of mechanics for every double the number of trucks you have after twenty. 

Depends on the Types of Trucks in Your Fleet

What you have is a mix of semis, cab-overs, box trucks, cargo vans, etc.. In that case, you need some mechanics who know how to fix more than one type of truck. If you have mechanics that can only fix four of the five kinds of trucks you have in your fleet, then you will need to hire yet another mechanic who is skilled in fixing that last type of truck. This may mean that you have more than the typical number of mechanics working on, maintaining, and/or repairing your trucks than most other companies that have only one or two types of trucks in their fleets. 

Depends on the Number of Trucks You Have Breaking Down at One Time

Every so often, you may have a very large percentage of your fleet down for the count. One truck will break down, and then it seems like half of the rest of your trucks will follow. No, your trucks are not alive or conspiring to break down. It is just that the majority of the work that your company does falls to the rest of the trucks, and the strain to pick up the pace causes those trucks to break down as well. When this happens, you will need all fleet mechanic hands-on-deck to get the trucks up and running again and avoid additional delays in daily operations. 

Conversely, there will be times when you may not need a mechanic at all for long stretches. You may have to lay off some of your mechanics just because there is not much for them to do. If you hire your own in-house team of mechanics, you will eventually get a feel for those slower times. Otherwise, you can hire outside help when you need it. Contact a business like Folsom  Diesel Works for more information.