What Should You Do if Your Passenger Side Window Gets Chipped?

Driving down the road and having your windshield crack is no fun at all but most people know what to do in this situation. Normally, you would drive to your destination if possible, then you call a windshield company come and repair the damage or replace the glass. But what if your passenger's side window chips? This is a less common scenario, so you may have a few questions about how this works. Read on to learn more about handling passenger window chips.

Is it safe to drive with a chipped window?

Usually, it is not recommended to drive with a chipped windshield since any additional, tiny object hitting the window could cause the crack to expand. However, driving with a chipped passenger side window is not as big of a deal. The chance of something else hitting the window is much smaller, and even if the passenger's side window were to shatter, that is not as concerning as having your windshield shatter. So if you need to drive the car around for a week or two before you're able to repair it, that's not a big deal.

Do you need to have the window replaced?

If the chip is on the small side, the window glass company may be able to simply fill it with epoxy. The filled chip should not be apparent unless someone looks very closely at the window. If your windows are tinted or the chip is large, your best bet may be to simply have the window replaced. Side windows are not terribly expensive, and replacing the window tends to be less time-consuming than repairing a big chip, which is why many people choose this option.

How can you fit auto glass replacement into your busy schedule?

Leaving your car at a glass repair company for a day or two may not be feasible with your work schedule, but luckily, there is another option. Mobile glass replacement companies can come to your home or place of work and replace your car's window where it sits. They can even bill you online so you never have to touch base in person or worry about someone chasing you down for a physical check while you're juggling other obligations.

Having a side window chip can be a bit frustrating but this is not a huge emergency. Luckily, you can hire services such as Harr's Auto Glass to make repairs or replace the window.