New Cars and Parking Lot Anxiety: Four Tips to Help You Relax With Simple Auto Body Repairs

So, you have gone out and bought a new car with a shiny new paint job? You want your car to stay shiny and new, but parking lots can be a nightmare. These are places where your car will eventually get scratches and dings. The following auto body repair tips will help you deal with minor parking lot damage, so you can relax next time you have to park in at a busy commercial center:

1. Buffing out Damage and Minor Scratches With Wax

Scratches can be some of the worst damage to your car's paint in a parking lot. These scratches are often just minor blemishes to the clear-coating and can easily be buffed away. Use an auto paint wax and scrub it in the grains of the scratch in a circular motion. Continue this process until the scratch disappears.

2. Blending in Touchup Paint When Repairing Severe Scratches

When the scratch in your paint is deeper than just the clear-coating, buffing it out will probably not work and there will still be a visible scratch. Do not worry because most auto parts stores or your local dealer will have bottles of touchup paint available. Paint just the deepest areas of the scratch with a thin coat. After the paint has had time to dry, you will then be able to blend it in to make the damage disappear.

3. Using a Suction Tool to Remove Minor Dings in Body Work

Another type of damage that you may have on your car after it has been in a busy parking lot are small dings. These often come from car doors or shopping carts. Use a suction cup tool to pull out the more severe dents. If you cannot get the dent out on your own, contact an auto body paintless dent repair service to help you fix the damage.

4. Protective Coatings to Help Protect Paint and Bodywork From Damage

Before you park your car in a busy parking lot or drive it on public roads, you may want to protect the body and paint. Today, there are options like vinyl wraps that can have attractive designs and protect original paint. In addition, wax coatings after you wash your car will help prevent minor damage and keep the paint looking shiny.

These are some auto body repair tips that will help you relax when you have to park in a busy parking lot. If you need help with more serious dings and scratches, contact a paintless dent and auto body repair service.