Engine Light Turn On? Where To Go To Get Help

Did you start your car and notice that the service engine soon light turned on? If so, you may be wondering what this light means and where to go to get help. You could have a major problem going on with your car that you do not want to ignore it, which could cause more damage to the vehicle. Here are some options for where you can go to get help.

The Manual

The first thing that you want to do is read your vehicle's manual to discover more information about the light that has turned on in your dashboard. You may think you are looking at a service engine soon light, but it is actually something else. Your vehicle's manual may also have recommendations for how long to drive your car until you need to take it in for service, since the light may turn off on its own in a few days if it was a false reading. For example, a loose gas cap could take a few days for the light to turn off after you secure the cap back on.

The Dealership

Still have a car under warranty? Take it back to your dealership to have the problem investigated. The chances are that they won't even charge you to check out the vehicle, and it will give you some peace of mind that everything is okay.

The Parts Store

One place you may not think of visiting for help with a service engine soon light is your local auto parts store. It is common for these places to have the equipment on hand to read the error code that your dashboard is giving by displaying the light. That code can then be looked up to determine what is happening with your car. The problem may be something that they can fix by selling you a replacement part that you can install on your own, which could be as simple as a dirty filter.

The Mechanic

You can always take your car to a local mechanic to investigate the problem further. The nice thing about going to a mechanic is that they should have more advanced equipment than your local parts store, and if the vehicle does require an extensive repair, any money towards a diagnostic might be applied to the cost of repair. Mechanics may even help you with loaner vehicles if your car is going to be out of service for a while.

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