Which Euro Car Brands Are Most Reliable?

There are some truly amazing European car brands. Some of them are known for selling practical, reliable cars, while others are famous for their special technology. The following European car brands are not only known for selling the most cars all over the world, but for being pretty innovative as well:


This is a car brand that you probably don't see very often on the roads. However, because of its enduring prestige, it simply had to be on this list. Ferrari also makes its presence felt in Formula One races, and every new model that they make comes fully prepared for racing and filled with the latest technology.


Fiat cars are known as some of the best-selling cars in recent history. But that is not all because they are classified as some of the best cars in general as well. Fiat 500 has been a very successful car so far, and Fiat 500 X and 500 L are what marked the brand's expansion into the larger car market.


BMW is a German car brand that seems to almost always appear on a lot of Top 10 lists. The reason for this is because their cars are very popular among the people and because they introduced some great high-tech models such as the hybrid i8 and electric i3 supercar. Bmw is a great car brand that covers everything from economic hatchbacks to sports cars. You may luck out and find an excellent BMW repair team in your area to keep your car running at peak performance.


This European car brand has probably sold the most cars over the past years, but what stops it from reaching the top spot on many Top 10 lists is its lack of high-tech features and prestige sales. Volkswagen remains very popular in the business sector, and their Golf is a practical choice for most people. However, there are some big saloons that offer CC and Passat models as well.


Thanks to their dedication to pushing the boundaries with the latest innovations, and their partnerships within the motorsport industry, Audi is always introducing some new cutting-edge technology that really makes their cars unique. One of the unique features of their newer cars is a virtual cockpit. It gives users information about the car's condition, as well as navigation and entertainment.

But virtual cockpit's full potential is unleashed when it is combined with Audi Connect. When the two of them are combined, users gain access to information about weather, traffic, and directions. It also includes secure high-speed Wi-Fi, search functionality, and social media integration.

When it comes to car maintenance, it is very important for every single one of these car brands. You just need to find a good car mechanic that specializes in Euro car repair for your specific car brand and model.