Transmissions: To Repair Or Not Repair? Answering The Question

Transmission repair is a major job on any vehicle. It is one which most auto owners and motorcycle owners have to decide if they really want to do and if they can actually afford it. Here are some key pointers for helping you decide if you should fix your vehicle's transmission, or just let it go and buy a new vehicle.

The Repair Is Really Simple

Transmission repairs are rarely simple, but if you happen to get lucky and your repair is simple, fix it. A simple repair is less costly than most anything else you would need with a transmission, and it keeps your vehicle running a little longer. Anything within the vicinity of a few hundred dollars or less is acceptable.

It Is Vintage

When you are talking about a vintage vehicle that has some major value, repairing the transmission is not even a question. You have come this far to either keep or restore a vehicle on which you have antique plates and may only drive nine months of the year. Fixing the transmission is just one more thing you are doing to keep the vehicle in good shape for taking it out to show off.

Too Much Wrong Means Swan Song

There are just some cars that give out all over the place. When the vehicle you have needs a transmission repair, but it also needs new and/or repaired everything else, it may be time to just walk away. It may not even be worth much as salvage, but it beats putting a grand or more into it. If you need further confirmation that your car is officially done, do what the mechanics do. Look up your car's current value and condition to see what it is worth, then compare that against everything that needs to be fixed.

The Cost of Acquiring Parts Exceeds What You Can Invest

Some cars, especially certain imports and extremely rare vehicles, have parts that often cost more to find and replace than just replacing the whole car. If you have such a car, you may be quite surprised at what its transmission parts will cost, and not just at the price of the parts, but also at the price of locating and acquiring them. When it is more than you can afford and/or more than you are willing to invest, repairing the transmission might be the end times sign for your vehicle.