4 Tips For Maintaining Your New Diesel Truck

Many people switch from driving a gas-powered truck to a diesel truck because of better fuel economy, a more powerful engine, and because diesel engines can last a lot longer than gas-powered engines. But to get the most out of a diesel truck, it is extremely important to maintain it properly. Maintaining a diesel truck differs from the maintenance of a gas-powered truck in several ways. Use the following tips to keep your diesel truck in excellent condition in order to prevent costly repairs:

Don't Skip Oil Changes

While neglecting an oil change on a gas-powered truck can age the engine, driving too long between oil changes in a diesel truck can cause significant damage. As soon as you purchase a diesel truck, consult the owner's manual to find out how often oil changes are needed, and strictly adhere to that schedule. Always use a high-quality oil during oil changes, and make sure that you purchase an oil filter that exceeds the requirements for your make and model. Regular oil and filter changes are one of the easiest ways to ensure that your truck does not need any major repairs.

Add Diesel Treatment when Refueling 

The last thing you want is for your diesel truck's fuel injection system to get clogged with impurities and debris. An easy way to prevent this is by adding a bottle of diesel treatment when you refuel or truck. The compounds in a bottle of diesel treatment will help remove impurities from the fuel and prevent them from clogging the fuel injection system.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

Overheating the engine is not good for a gas-powered truck, but in most cases, the truck can be restarted after the engine cools down and coolant is added. On the other hand, overheating a diesel engine can actually cause significant damage, and in some cases, it will not be possible to repair it. Since diesel engines are so sensitive to overheating, it is extremely important to always pay attention to the temperature gauge while driving. If possible, avoid idling your diesel truck for extended periods of time.

Invest in Good Parts

 If you drive a diesel truck, it is a good idea to purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts when repairs or parts replacements are needed. OEM parts are made by the auto manufacturer, so you can rest assured that they are specifically designed with the highest standards for your truck's make and model.