Car Maintenance That Will Help You Avoid Troubles As The Weather Changes

As the weather changes, your car will perform differently due to things like tire pressure changes and the temperature outside. The cold weather affects the fluids, which will also change when the temperatures get warmer. In some areas, extreme weather changes mean that you must do maintenance at different times of the year to ensure your car is performing its best. Here are some of the maintenance that needs to be done as the weather changes:

1. Changing the Oil and Lubricants for Better Performance in Different Weather

The oil of your car is going to be thicker when it is colder and thinner when it is warmer. For better performance in cold weather, you want to use the lighter lubricants for the oil, transmission and other fluids. In hot weather, these lubricants need to be thicker to reduce friction and protect your car from heat during the summer months.

2. Tire Pressure and Maintenance to Reduce Changes in Handling and Wear

Tires are one of the car maintenance tasks that many people neglect as the weather changes. As the temperature and atmospheric pressure changes, so does the pressure in your tires. Therefore, it is important to check tire pressure when there are major changes in weather. In addition, you want to have tires that are adequate for the type of driving conditions. All-weather tires are available for cars that are driven in different weather conditions. Change the tires during the different seasons to get the best performance. You will want to use softer tires in winter and harder rubber in the summer heat.

3. Flushing Coolant and Best Liquids for Hot and Cold Weather

The coolant is another area that you may think about. The coolant in your car not only protects against heating, but also protects your car from freezing. It is a good idea to use different coolants during different seasons. During the coldest months of the year, you will want to make sure your car has the coolant that protects against hard freezes and the coldest temperatures. During hot weather, you will want a liquid that is meant to perform during the highest temperatures. Never use water in the cooling system, because this can cause damage due to corrosion and debris in the water.

As the weather changes, you will want to consider some of the maintenance needs of your car. Contact an auto service to help with the important car care that will ensure you do not have car trouble no matter what season it is.