Spotting Potential Problems When Maintaining Your Car

Your car can be important for your work or commuting. You might travel to school or back and forth to see the family with it. Whatever you use it for, breakdowns are never a good thing. They are inconvenient, are expensive, and can cause you to miss things that are important to you. But you can avoid breakdowns if you pay attention to what your car is telling you during regular maintenance.

Detecting Engine Problems

Engine oil and filter changes are a part of regular maintenance, and the interval set by the manufacture is important. Changing the oil on time is the best way to reduce engine wear by simply keeping good, clean, and properly working oil in the engine. As your engine runs, the heat it creates starts to break down the lubricating properties of the engine oil and the viscosity, or thickness of the oil, changes. It becomes less effective at lubricating the internal parts, and friction can start to cause wear in places that can cause major damage. When changing the oil, check the old oil for metal shavings or particles that might indicate wear inside the engine. If you see anything concerning in the oil, have the car checked by a garage or mechanic.

Spotting Tire Wear That Can Indicate Bigger Issues

Rotating the tires on your car is another area that should not be overlooked. The best way to extend the life of a tire is to rotate them around the car so they don't wear in just one part of the tire. Pay attention to the wear patterns on the tires when you move them, though. Strange wear can indicate suspension problems like worn shocks, ball joints, or tie rods that could cause an unsafe condition when driving. If you have wear on one corner of the car that appears abnormal from the rest of the car, have the suspension and steering checked and replace any worn out components.

Noticing Noise That Can Indicate Exhaust Issues

A car that develops a rumbling noise under the car may have a hole developing in the exhaust system. Likewise, a rattling or banging that feels like something is hitting the car underneath can indicate that the exhaust is not secure and rattling around. In both cases, the car should be check by a mechanic and checked for damage. A leaking exhaust system can allow carbon monoxide to seep into the car, creating a very serious health problem for the occupants. Inspect the exhaust, replace any defective parts as soon as you know there's a problem, and your car will be much more fun to drive.

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