Saving Money At An Auto Shop: Tips You Can Use

Whether you need an oil change or you want to get your fluids checked on your vehicle, going to the auto repair shop can be a costly endeavor. Here are ways you can make servicing your vehicle cheaper.

Go to the same auto shop every time

Being a loyal customer at the same auto repair shop for most (if not all) of your vehicle's repairs can benefit you in many ways. Auto shop owners want to keep their reputation strong in the community and also want to please their repeat customers, so they may be willing to give you a discount on your service or offer a free oil change or car detail as part of your loyalty. Speak to a shop manager about a reasonable discount on your service and odds are they will be happy to oblige.

Take advantage of slow seasons

Many auto repair shops slow down at certain times of the year and offer enticing deals to bring customers in. If you are a few weeks away from having your vehicle serviced at its regular time and there is a discount on brake checks, fluid replacements, or oil changes now, take advantage of the opportunity to save a few dollars. Ask your auto repair shop technician if you can be put on a mailing list or check their website often for updates on discounted services throughout the year.

Shop around

It doesn't hurt to explore your options when it comes to auto care, even if you are happy with the shop you frequent now. If you find an auto repair shop that offers services cheaper than what you are paying elsewhere, you can bring this up to shop managers to see if they will match costs with their competitors so you don't have to switch your service to someone else. A business will want to keep their current customers from going elsewhere and will most likely meet the competition's rates or give you extras to make up for their higher costs to keep you happy.

The best way to save money on auto repair is to make sure you have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis. In not cutting corners on your car's needs you can enjoy a more reliable, longer lasting car for as long as you own it. Talk to your auto repair shop about the services you should have done often on your vehicle to keep it in great running condition.