What You Need To Know About Transmission Fluid

If you're looking to get stuck on the side of the road, neglect your transmission. As one of the most complex and critical components of a vehicle, failing to properly maintain your transmission can have serious consequences. In addition to driving with care, maintaining an adequate fluid level is also important.

The Role Of Transmission Fluid

Before you can fully understand the importance of transmission fluid, you first need to understand its role. First, start by recognizing that the primary role of this fluid is to serve as a lubricant. Since the transmission has so many moving parts, the fluid lubricant helps ensure these components can move easily, without friction.

Its second function is to keep the transmission cooler. As the gears shift and you move at faster speeds, this increases the transmission's internal temperature. The fluid keeps it from getting too hot.

Transmission Failure

When your fluid level is too low, you will run into lubrication and overheating issues. In terms of lubrication, limited lubrication increases friction around the gears. As you shift between gears, this friction can cause the gears to lock, causing the vehicle to stall and leading to permanent gear damage in some instances.

In terms of the latter, this can be a costly repair to complete. As far as overheating, a lack of fluid prevents the transmission from maintaining a safe operating temperature, allowing the temperature to skyrocket. Particularly in the long-term, a lack of fluid can cause the transmission to burn out and completely fail.

Protecting Your Vehicle

The best way to protect your vehicle is to closely monitor your transmission's fluid level. While this is generally completed with each oil change, it's still helpful for you to check on your own occasionally. You should also know how to recognize a leak.

Fortunately, a leak is sometimes very easy to spot. If you suspect this issue, after your vehicle has been parked for a long period, such as overnight or all day at work, pull the vehicle out so you can see the parking spot clearly. If there is fluid under the vehicle that has a reddish-hue, this is a good indication that you have a leak, and the vehicle needs to be serviced.

If you are having issues with your transmission fluid, it's time to contact a transmission repair technician. Transmission problems only get worse when neglected, leading to more complicated and costly repairs. Make sure you are having your vehicle serviced right way.