Own A New Diesel Truck? What A Diesel Particulate Filter Is And Why You Should Clean It

If you purchased a new diesel truck, you must understand that the maintenance on this type of truck is not like the maintenance on a truck with a regular engine. One thing that is different is many diesel engines have diesel particulate filters, also known as DPFs, which need to be cleaned periodically. Below is some more information about this so you can make sure your truck stays in good condition.

What is a DPF?

The DPF is mounted in the exhaust system in your engine and is much like the catalytic converter on a regular engine. The job of the DPF is to trap soot particles coming from the exhaust system.

The DPF is ceramic and looks like a honeycomb. It is housed in a stainless-steel cylinder. Your truck has heat and pressure sensors that tell the diesel engine if there are any problems with the DPF and if there is, will display a warning to you via a light on your dashboard. When this happens, it is time to have the DPF cleaned.

Cleaning the filter should be part of the periodic maintenance of your truck. This will keep it from becoming dirty and causing problems.

How Do You Clean a DPF?

You can clean the DPF if you want to save money. First, remove the filter from the truck's exhaust system. The grill is likely screwed down. Remove the screws with a cordless screwdriver around the exhaust pipe. Once the grill is off, remove all O-rings and set them aside.

When the filter is removed, you should see black soot covering most of it instead of silver or white. If so, you need to clean it.

To start with, use a can of compressed air to spray the top of the DPF to remove the soot on the top layer. Before you start, wear a face mask to protect yourself from the soot.

When you are finished removing the surface soot, use a garden use to wash the DPF down. Put a high-pressure nozzle on the hose so you can get enough force to get the filter clean. Spray water through each end of the DPF. The water will be a black or brown color. When you see that the water is clear, the filter is cleaned. Reinstall it going in reverse order of how you removed it.

If you cannot get the DPF clean or you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, take your truck to a mechanic like Regeneration Services LLC to have this work done.