Are Your Brakes Going Bad?

Your car has many important parts and pieces, but none are more important than your car's brakes. Without properly functioning brakes, you can't safely and/or quickly stop your vehicle, which can lead to serious accidents, damages, and even deaths in severe cases. Obviously, in order to avoid brake problems and other general vehicle problems, you need to be having your automobile serviced regularly. Aside from just going in for regular check-ups, it's smart to know the warning signs of failing brakes since brake problems really aren't something to play around with. When you are familiar with the warning signs, you'll be able to take your car in at the first sign of brake trouble and prevent serious issues from occurring.

Strange Sounds

One of the first major warning signs that something may be wrong with your brakes is if you suddenly start hearing strange noises when you press down on your brakes. The most common noise is a squealing or scraping type of sound. This may indicate dusty brake pads or brake pads that are too worn down to work correctly.

The good news about this problem, though, is that brake pads are typically easy and inexpensive to fix, meaning you can have repairs done within as little as a few hours if you go to the right mechanic. The key, however, is to get this problem fixed pronto before it can negatively affect your brakes or cause other issues.


Another issue you will want to look out for is a vehicle that drifts or pulls to the side when you press down on the brakes.

Most often, this means that your brake linings are getting worn down due to use. It can also indicate some kind of issue with your brake fluid. In either case, it is not safe or normal for your vehicle to drift to the side when you drive, so it's a wise idea to take your car in and have professionals take a look at it.

Bad Vibrations

Finally, be on the lookout for vibrations when you brake. A shaking and humming motion and sound when you brake can mean that your rotors are warped and/or that your alignment is off.

No matter what the reason, as is the case with all of these warning signs, at the first hint of trouble, it's important to get your car in to see a professional right away.