Why Is It Important To Get Windshield "Dings" Removed?

Nearly every driver has had the dreaded experience of having a small stone or another implement of destruction hurled violently against their windshield. This may occur from a stone falling and bouncing from a nearby vehicle to the ground and then to your windshield, or from a stone or similar object that was dropped onto the roadway previously been propelled from the rear wheels of a preceding vehicle.

In either case, the driver, when they recover from the initial shock of the crack of the object against their windshield, begins to look frantically for the dreaded ding mark, a chip of the outer surface of the windshield.

Why doesn't your windshield break when it is hit by a small stone?

Windshield glass is designed with multiple layers that protects drivers and occupants of a vehicle from being cut from broken glass in the event of an accident or small impact.

An inner layer of plastic film retards damage from small objects and keeps the windshield from breaking into sharp shards of glass upon complete failure in a major impact. The windshield simply disintegrates into small granules, still capable of producing minor but not fatal injuries.

Why should you get dings repaired if they won't cause the windshield to fail?

There are still some safety concerns from dinged windshields, as well as financial and aesthetic reasons to get a ding repaired as soon as possible.

Safety issues

Dings can still cause a distraction when driving, especially if they are in the immediate area of a driver's view of the road. They may present an obstruction that can place the lives of pedestrians in danger, and a distraction if a driver becomes obsessive every time they glance at the ding.

A ding also creates a fault in the surface of the windshield. While it will not cause the windshield to fail completely, a drastic temperature change or a violent jolt may cause the windshield to crack its entire length, with the crack emanating from the fault line created by the ding.

Financial incentives for repairing a ding

Complete windshield replacement is much more costly than simply having a ding repaired. A cracked windshield that results from a ding may lead to traffic tickets being issued and will likely result in a deductible being paid to replace the windshield.

On the other hand, many insurance companies will waive deductible costs if a driver gets a ding repaired by an approved windshield provider, because it is more cost efficient for the insurance provider to pay for a ding than a windshield replacement.

Finally, a dinged windshield will lower the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell or trade it.


Your windshield is your window to the world, and your vehicle expresses an extension of yourself. It's like having a big blemish on your face, but you have the displeasure of staring at it every time you drive.

Do yourself a favor, and get your windshield repaired.