3 Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Transmission

The transmission plays a very important role in any car, but it is especially important in a car or truck that is towing or carrying a large amount of weight. You need a powerful transmission and engine to be able to manage that much weight. This is why it is important that any owner or driver of a truck knows how to detect early on that there is a problem with the transmission so that it can be repaired before it completely gives out. Here are some things you should be looking for.

1. Difficulty Shifting Gears

Since the transmission is responsible for shifting gears in the truck you would expect there to be a problem with it moving from one gear to the next. You might notice that the shifting is delayed when you do it. For instance, you may have the truck in reverse, and then try to shift into a driving position. But the truck doesn't respond right away, instead there is a couple second delay. In addition, the gears could even fail to shift. You may have to shift into drive a couple times to get the truck to take. This is a serious problem, and means that you are close to the end of the transmission.

2. There Is Grinding Noises While Driving and Shifting

Another thing you should be watching for is grinding noises while you are driving and shifting the car. If the grinding only happens while you are braking or cruising on the road, it probably isn't a problem with the transmission, but a problem with the brakes. A transmission problem will mean that there is grinding while you are shifting gears. You may hear it most while you are in the beginning stages of driving the truck, since that is when you typically shift gears the most. Listen for noises in the car to see if there is a problem.

3. A Smell Of Something Burning

Lastly, if your transmission is grinding or having trouble working it could start to burn fluid and become overworked. You will initially notice the smell that something is burning. It won't get better as your drive, instead, it will continue to get worse and worse. As a general rule, if you notice there is an unpleasant smell, or a smell of something burning, you should have the truck serviced right away.

By watching for these things you can protect the transmission in your truck. For more information, see a website such as http://www.colorcountrydiesel.com.