Writing From An RV? Necessary Considerations For Creating Your Best Rolling Home & Office

Turning your RV into a mobile office is a great way to combine your love of writing with the pleasure and freedom of the open road. Whether you are pursuing this as a retiree, as a new college grad or at any point in between, your ability to maintain a productive writing schedule as you travel will have a significant influence on the success of your writing. Whether you are just considering a nomadic writing life or are already on the road in your recreational vehicle, the following information will help you make the experience as rewarding as possible.

Comfort & Security

Just like a traditional office, creating the best mobile writing space requires paying special attention to comfort and security. Whether you are writing a novel for publication or working as a freelance writer, you will likely be spending many hours per day working from your recreational vehicle. To make this experience as comfortable as possible, consider adding one or more of the following upgrades or improvements to your recreational vehicle:

  • creating a dedicated office space large enough for a permanent desk and full size, ergonomically designed chair in a portion of the living area
  • adding blinds, draperies or window coatings to control natural light and help avoid glare on computer and television screens
  • installing small, concealed security cameras on each corner of your RV to alert you to the presence of people or animals outside that could become a threat

While most quality recreational vehicles include doors and windows that lock securely, installing additional locks along with an audible alarm system can offer increased safety. High-quality deadbolt systems, similar to those available for home use, will add another layer of security and safety to your rolling office.


Staying in contact with the outside world might seem at odds with the concept of working from a recreational vehicle, but it is important for both safety and your relationships with friends and family members. Although most urban locations have excellent options for high speed Internet access, more remote areas of the country may have spotty or even no reliable access to the Internet. Investing in a satellite Internet system specifically designed for use in a recreational vehicle is the best way to ensure that you will have a dependable Internet connection, no matter how far off the the beaten path you go. 

No matter whether you have already purchased your RV or are preparing to take that step, taking time to discuss your mobile writing career with a reputable RV dealer can be helpful. Their industry experience and knowledge of basic recreational vehicle design can be invaluable to you as you work toward creating your perfect rolling writing space. Check out a dealer like Orangewood RV Center to get started.